Cancer Types

Colorectal Cancer

  • Q&A

    Trial Guide

    Researcher Tom Marsilje is helping fellow colorectal cancer patients sort through clinical trials.

    by Kate Yandell

  • Yesterday & Today

    A Force of Nature

    Known for the Christmas classic Santa Baby and her role as Catwoman in the 1960s TV series Batman, Eartha Kitt wowed audiences with her dancing, singing and acting. Her 2006 colorectal cancer diagnosis shocked those who knew her.

    by Sharlene George

  • Forward Look

    Aspirin Recommended to Reduce Colorectal Cancer Risk

    Task force formally recognizes the benefits, with caveats.

    by Yasmine Iqbal

  • Colorectal Cancer: A Troubling Trend

    More people are being diagnosed with colorectal cancer before 50, the recommended age to start screening.

    by Charlotte Huff

  • Survivor Profile

    An Unplanned Event

    After a stage III cancer diagnosis, event planner Kim Hall Jackson gave up the illusion of control and started using her talents to promote screening among African-Americans.

    by Leigh Labrie

  • Forward Look

    You’ve Got Mail

    At-home colorectal cancer tests can increase screening rates.

    by Cameron Walker

  • Survivor Profile

    Brewing a Business

    While getting their new coffee business off the ground, John and Pat Curry took John's cancer treatment one step at a time.

    by Jen A. Miller

  • Forward Look

    Gut Reaction

    New research suggests a link between gut bacteria and colorectal cancer.

    by Melissa Weber

  • Yesterday & Today

    Comic Vision

    Charles Schulz, the creator of Peanuts, was a major figure in the history of the American comic strip. Since his death from colorectal cancer more than a decade ago, screening and new treatments have improved detection and survival.

    by Debra Gordon

  • Forward Look

    Diagnosis: Debt

    Even for the insured, cancer care can be a financial burden.

    by Jocelyn Selim