Taking Action


  • Policy Matters

    Stemming the E-Cigarette Epidemic

    An updated AACR-ASCO joint statement recommends steps for policymakers to lower e-cigarette use among youth and young adults.

    by Roy S. Herbst, MD, PhD

  • Q&A

    The FDA’s Risk-Benefit Framework

    Using the withdrawal of Avastin’s approval for breast cancer as a case study, Mikkael A. Sekeres’ new book analyzes the U.S. drug approval process.

    by Marci A. Landsmann

  • Policy Matters

    A Call to Eliminate Inequities

    The AACR Cancer Disparities Progress Report highlights the progress being made toward cancer health equity and stresses the need to address this complex public health issue.

    by Lisa A. Newman, MD, MPH

  • Forward Look

    FDA Designates Two Cigarettes as Modified Risk Tobacco Products

    Critics warn that lower nicotine content in the cigarettes may not translate into better odds of quitting.

    by Carisa Brewster

  • Policy Matters

    A Groundbreaking Report on COVID-19 and Cancer

    The report released by the American Association for Cancer Research includes a Call to Action that offers a roadmap for policymakers to better prepare and respond to the next pandemic.

    by Antoni Ribas, MD, PhD

  • A Look at Disparities Across Cancer Care

    A new AACR report tracks progress in addressing cancer health disparities and identifies work that still needs to be done.

    by Eric Fitzsimmons

  • Policy Matters

    Patient Advocacy Is Driving Change

    Patient advocates strengthen every aspect of research, from funding innovative science and informing research design, to leading efforts on Capitol Hill to build support for research.

    by Carrie Treadwell, MBA

  • Understanding Stress and Cancer

    A symposium at the AACR Annual Meeting explores how social factors contribute to elevated risk of cancer in some populations.

    by Eric Fitzsimmons

  • The Impact of the RACE for Children Act

    Legislation to speed cancer drug development for children and adolescents requires drug companies to test drugs in children, but trials in people under 18 may take years to generate results.

    by Marci A. Landsmann

  • Medicaid: A Partial Safety Net

    Expansions in coverage and eligibility through the Affordable Care Act have made Medicaid a lifeline for many people with cancer, but benefits vary from state to state.

    by Sharon Tregaskis