Cancer Talk

  • Canine Comfort  

    Canine Comfort

    Studies investigate whether visits from therapy dogs can increase the well-being of cancer patients and caregivers.

    by Jen Tota McGivney
  • Will Right to Try Increase Access to Experimental Treatments?  

    Will Right to Try Increase Access to Experimental Treatments?

    The recently passed Right to Try Act is meant to provide patients with greater access to experimental therapies. Patient advocates are divided on whether the law will benefit patients.

    by Marci A. Landsmann
  • What Older Patients Value  

    What Older Patients Value

    Many older adults with cancer place more importance on maintaining their independence and cognitive abilities than on living as long as possible.

    by Cheryl Platzman Weinstock
  • Omitting Obesity  

    Omitting Obesity

    Many cancer clinical trials do not track what proportion of enrolled patients are obese, a study finds. These patients may be underrepresented in research.

    by Cici Zhang

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