Cancer Talk

  • Measuring Your Movement  

    Measuring Your Movement

    Researchers are exploring whether wearable personal activity monitors could provide doctors with a more complete picture of cancer patients’ well-being.

    by Brad Jones
  • Talking About Medical Marijuana  

    Talking About Medical Marijuana

    Medical oncologists discuss marijuana with their patients. Many of these doctors feel they aren’t well enough informed to make recommendations about it, but some do anyway.

    by Kate Yandell
  • Men Less Likely to Get Genetic Testing  

    Men Less Likely to Get Genetic Testing

    A study suggests women are more likely than men to undergo genetic testing for mutations linked to hereditary cancer.

    by Cheryl Platzman Weinstock
  • Healing Through Art  

    Healing Through Art

    The Breast Cancer Art Project encourages breast cancer patients and survivors to produce—and share—art about their cancer experiences.

    by Ashley P. Taylor

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