Cancer Types

Lung Cancer

  • Forward Look

    Immunotherapy for Early-stage Lung Cancer

    Immune checkpoint inhibitors can reduce the risk of recurrence for early-stage non-small cell lung cancer, but researchers are still exploring optimal timing for patients who have surgery.

    by Anna Napolitano

  • Overcoming Lung Cancer Stigma With Understanding

    Shirley Muñoz wants to use her experience as a younger lung cancer patient to break down barriers to care for her community through translation and advocacy.

    by Cameron Walker

  • Forward Look

    The Lasting Benefit of Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors

    Study suggests people with advanced lung cancer who have a sustained response to immunotherapy can safely stop treatment after two years.

    by Lindsay Modglin

  • Progress in Lung Cancer 

    November is Lung Cancer Awareness Month. Here are stories describing lung cancer treatment advances and the experiences of people who have been through a diagnosis.

  • Forward Look

    Tissue-sparing Surgery

    A clinical trial affirms the value of a procedure that preserves more tissue in early-stage lung cancer patients.

    by Ashley P. Taylor

  • Lung Cancer Patients Face Worse Survival After Wildfire Exposure

    Researchers find that lung cancer patients recovering from surgery are especially vulnerable to the health hazards of wildfires even up to a year later.

    by Sandra Gordon

  • Choosing Between Lung Cancer Surgery and Radiation

    Study suggests surgery leads to longer survival than radiation for non-small cell lung cancer, but radiation remains an important option.

    by Jon Kelvey

  • Survivor Profile

    The Power of Persistence

    Albert Khoury’s determination to explore all treatment options for his rare lung cancer led to a lifesaving transplant surgery.

    by Thomas Celona

  • Forward Look

    What’s Next

    A magnet-guided robot could help doctors look for signs of cancer deeper in the passages of the lungs.

    by Darcy Lewis

  • Facts and Stats

    Driving Down Lung Cancer Deaths

    Screenings, treatment advances and declines in smoking have led to a decrease in lung cancer death rates.

    by Eric Fitzsimmons