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Nutrition and Exercise

  • A Closer Look at Sarcopenia

    Gastrointestinal oncologist and health services researcher Ryan Nipp discusses new research about how muscle quality correlates with cancer outcomes.

    by Ashley P. Taylor

  • Healthy Habits

    Exercising at Home

    Most cancer survivors can find a way to work out safely, even during the pandemic.

    by Tara Santora

  • Cancer Did Not Cancel Our Plans

    After her husband’s diagnosis with metastatic cancer, Miriam Díaz-Gilbert made it her goal to keep him moving.

    by Miriam Díaz-Gilbert

  • Healthy Habits

    Health Nuts

    Eating tree nuts may decrease cancer risk, especially for cancers of the digestive system.

    by Tara Santora

  • Healthy Habits

    Ripe for the Picking

    Awareness of the link between cancer risk and a diet lacking fruits and vegetables has been declining.

    by Carisa D. Brewster

  • Healthy Habits

    One Drink, Too Many?

    Drinking at any level increases cancer risk.

    by Ashley P. Taylor

  • Healthy Habits

    Active Treatment

    Regular exercise may help mitigate the lingering psychological impact of childhood cancer.

    by Carisa D. Brewster

  • Forward Look

    Cancer Treatments and Antioxidant Supplements Can Be a Bad Mix

    Christine Ambrosone on what her research shows.

    by Sue Rochman

  • Healthy Habits

    Go With Your Gut

    Can eating yogurt reduce your risk of developing lung cancer?

    by Karen Olsen

  • Drinking After a Diagnosis

    A study illuminates the alcohol consumption habits of cancer survivors.

    by Jen Tota McGivney