Research Updates


  • Treating Breast Cancer in Men

    Hormone therapy may lengthen life in men with hormone-related breast cancer, but this treatment is prescribed less frequently for men than for women.

    by Marilyn Fenichel

  • Forward Look

    A Matter of Age

    Cell and molecular biologist Ashani Weeraratna discusses how older patients respond to immunotherapy.

    by Sue Rochman

  • Forward Look

    Treating Head and Neck Skin Cancers

    A study suggests high-risk patients do not need chemotherapy.

    by Stephen Ornes

  • Forward Look

    Breaking Down Breakthrough Cancer Therapies

    Drugs approved through this pathway may have limited evidence.

    by Lindsey Konkel

  • Tomorrow’s Trials

    New tools are being integrated into the research process to ease patients' access to clinical trials and improve their experience.

    by Bradley Jones

  • Forward Look

    What’s Next? Winter 2018/2019

    Off-the-shelf equivalents to CAR-T cell therapy are emerging.

    by Bradley Jones

  • From the Editor-in-Chief

    Improving Health After Treatment

    The U.S. health care system must adapt to the needs of cancer survivors.

    by William G. Nelson, MD, PhD

  • Getting a Read on Cancer

    Cancer patients are increasingly receiving treatments guided by the molecular characteristics of their cancer cells. But patients may have unequal access to testing and targeted therapies.

    by Kate Yandell

  • 2018 SABCS: Choosing the Right Treatment

    Studies presented at the 2018 San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium investigate when patients with early-stage breast cancer or precancerous breast conditions benefit from receiving less intense treatment.

    by Kate Yandell

  • Treating Cancer Based on Its Genetics, Not Its Location

    Medical oncologist and sarcoma specialist George D. Demetri explains the significance of the recent approval of the oral drug Vitrakvi based on tumor genetics.

    by Anna Azvolinsky