• When Cancer Rings Twice

    One out of every six people diagnosed with cancer this year will be facing it for, at least, the second time.

    by Melissa Weber

  • Yesterday & Today

    The Amazing Ride

    Sally Ride's life was cut short by pancreatic cancer. But as the first American woman in space, she still inspires girls to pursue careers in science–and reach for the stars.

    by Alexandra Goho

  • Changing the Face of Clinical Trials

    Efforts are under way to increase African-American enrollment in cancer clinical trials.

    by Leslie Harris O'Hanlon

  • Forever Young

    In images of four breast cancer survivors navigating the medical system, photographer David Jay captures portraits of emotional strength, economic struggle and hope.

    by Cynthia Ryan

  • In the Moment- Spring 2013

    Valentina Londono, Beth Foster, Michael Knowlton, Beverly Brehl.

  • First Person

    Keeping Sight of Hope

    A survivor keeps an eye on what's ahead after a rare cancer diagnosis.

    by Sue Russell

  • Survivor Profile

    Let’s Talk: Lee Miller

    Drawing on her own struggle with the emotional pain of a cancer diagnosis and treatment, Lee Miller empowers other patients to effectively communicate with their doctors.

    by Jenny Song

  • Yesterday & Today

    The Sex Machine vs. Prostate Cancer

    Even cancer couldn't slow down James Brown.

    by Jocelyn Selim

  • Survivor Profile

    Patients’ Rights Powerhouse

    Myra Christopher wages a personal battle with a rare cancer while continuing to passionately advocate for patients.

    by Charlotte Huff

  • In the Moment- Winter 2012/2013

    Julia Wiley, Tony Handler, Michael B. Lawing, Lori Petitti