Cancer Types

Lung Cancer

  • Forward Look

    Confronting Lung Cancer Stigma

    An ad campaign shines a light on lung cancer blame.

    by Yvonne Lee

  • Clinical Trials Game-Changer?

    A new type of clinical trial aims to identify which drug is the best fit for each patient's tumor. Can this innovative model expedite new drug approvals?

    by Sue Rochman

  • Forward Look

    A Burning Question for Smokers

    Is the considerable risk-reduction benefit of CT screening worth the potential downsides?

    by Sue Rochman

  • Yesterday & Today

    A King’s Legacy

    More than a quarter century after Yul Brynner's death from lung cancer, treatment advances offer some patients new options, but the cancer continues to claim more lives than any other. And the actor's haunting anti-smoking message lives on.

    by Sue Rochman