• Empowering Pediatric Cancer Patients

    After twice being treated for leukemia as a child, Brady Lucas discusses the mental impact of pediatric cancer.

    by Suzanne McBride

  • Finding the ‘Silent Killer’

    Strange symptoms led cancer care nurse Eve Spiegel to an ovarian cancer diagnosis.

    by Eve Spiegel

  • Making Treatment Decisions

    It’s not always clear what to do when cancer progresses. Abigail Johnston shares how she has approached treatment decisions since her metastatic breast cancer diagnosis in 2017.

    by Abigail M. Johnston

  • Patient Voices

    Read stories about cancer and treatment from the people who are living through it.

  • On Wearing a Brave Face for Myself and Others

    A woman living with lung cancer reflects on the contrast between how people see her and how she feels as someone living with metastatic disease.

    by Suzanne Adriana Remington

  • A Life Cycle of Fear

    Wrestling with fears of recurrence after cancer returns.

    by Carly Flumer

  • A Personal Journey of Thyroid Cancer Treatment

    The practical side of cancer treatment and life without a thyroid.

    by Carly Flumer

  • A Treatment That Came Just in Time

    Cancer survivor Laurie Adami reflects on her experience participating in a clinical trial that ultimately contributed to the March 2021 approval of a CAR-T cell therapy for follicular lymphoma.

    by Laurie Adami

  • Living Beyond a Diagnosis

    Judy Pearson was surprised by the demands of cancer survivorship. Here, she offers tips on how to look at life after cancer.

    by Judy Pearson

  • When Young Adults Need Care

    For adolescents and young adults who have been diagnosed with cancer, caregivers can play an influential—but often overlooked—role in providing help and support.

    by Carly Flumer