Support for You


  • First Person

    To Test or Not to Test

    Twenty-two years after the first of two breast cancer diagnoses, a survivor decides to undergo genetic testing.

    by Cynthia Ryan

  • The Work-Cancer Balance

    Some patients want to work through illness and others need to, but juggling work responsibilities and treatment regimens can be a challenge.

    by Leigh Labrie

  • Q&A

    Conversation Starter

    Cancer survivor Emily McDowell creates greeting cards that give people the words to talk about a difficult disease.

    by Stephen Ornes

  • Your Cancer Guide

    Let It Go

    Create a list of guiding principles that allow you to shake off the small stuff.

    by Hester Hill Schnipper

  • Healthy Habits

    Sleep Solution?

    Cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia might offer hope to sleep-deprived cancer survivors.

    by Brenda Conaway

  • Preserving the Future

    Young adults undergoing cancer treatment who may want to have children should talk with their doctors about ways to preserve their fertility.

    by Marci A. Landsmann

  • Forward Look

    Caring for the Caregivers

    Specialized programs can help reduce stress experienced by cancer caregivers.

    by Marilyn Fenichel

  • Editor's Letter

    No Easy Decisions With Cancer

    Patients must blend information from their doctors with their own values and beliefs.

    by Kevin McLaughlin

  • Your Cancer Guide

    Asking for Help

    Allowing others to assist you during and after treatment is an essential skill and a wonderful gift.

    by Hester Hill Schnipper

  • The Ways We Approach Death

    Cancer often requires making difficult decisions in the face of uncertainty.

    by Sue Rochman