• Policy Matters

    Eliminating HPV-Related Cancer

    HPV vaccination and screening can help eradicate cervical cancer and other malignancies.

    by Anna R. Giuliano, PhD

  • Keeping an Eye on Cancer

    Imaging tests for post-treatment surveillance may come with radiation exposure, financial strain, “scanxiety” and sometimes unnecessary follow-ups. Doctors and patients need to balance the risks and benefits of scanning.

    by Charlotte Huff

  • More Options for Rare Cancers

    Precision medicine and immunotherapy offer opportunities for new treatments and clinical trials to patients who previously had few, if any, options.

    by Kendall K. Morgan

  • The Patient Perspective

    Patient-reported outcomes may help shape the future of cancer care.

    by Stephen Ornes

  • Healthy Habits

    Power Off

    Too much time spent looking at electronic devices can come at a cost.

    by Cameron Walker

  • Q&A

    Hope Amid the Hype

    Hematologist-oncologist David Scadden traces the history, promise and uncertainties of treatment advances in Cancerland: A Medical Memoir.

    by Marci A. Landsmann

  • From the Editor-in-Chief

    Why Are Liver Cancer Death Rates Up?

    Hepatitis C infection, obesity and alcohol can contribute to more cases of liver cancer.

    by William G. Nelson, MD, PhD

  • Forward Look

    Some Prostate Cancer Patients Face a Difficult Decision

    Surgery and radiation have similar benefits but different side effects.

    by Stephen Ornes

  • Forward Look

    Looking for Brain Metastases

    Studies aim to identify when screening is beneficial.

    by Sue Rochman

  • Forward Look

    Lynch Syndrome Linked to More Cancers

    Study findings suggest patient screening has been too narrow.

    by Sharon Tregaskis