Cancer Types


  • From the Editor-in-Chief

    CAR-T Cells: ‘Bionic’ Immune Cells for Treating Cancer

    T cells are being rebuilt to kill cancer cells.

    by William G. Nelson, MD, PhD

  • Treatment Is Waiting

    For patients with chronic blood cancers, the early intervention mantra of cancer does not always apply.

    by Sue Rochman

  • Forward Look

    Melanoma Risk Increased in Some Lymphoma Survivors

    Study pinpoints group that may benefit from close surveillance.

    by Sharon Reynolds

  • Survivor Profile

    Betting on Science

    Diagnosed with a rare and incurable blood cancer, Jack Whelan is a passionate booster for research, clinical trials and affordable treatments.

    by Betty Russell

  • SOS

    Identifying cancer patients in distress moves from rare to routine.

    by Melissa Weber

  • Parenting With Cancer: Out in the Open

    Parents with cancer face special challenges. New points of connection can help you be there for your kids.

    by Jen A. Miller

  • Forward Look

    Second-Cancer Clues?

    Genetic marker discovery could help childhood Hodgkin survivors assess risks associated with radiation.

    by Mitzi Baker

  • Staying the Course

    Patients are increasingly skipping treatment breaks and opting for ongoing treatment known as maintenance therapy to try to keep some types of cancer at bay.

    by Melissa Weber

  • The Wait for a Match

    Many patients in urgent need of bone marrow or stem cell transplants are facing uncertainty.

    by Karen Patterson