Cancer Types

Brain Cancer

  • Caregiving With Confidence

    Make Your Mental Health a Priority

    Recognize the signs of a serious mental illness and get help if you need it.

    by Lisa O’Leary

  • Life After Pediatric Brain Cancer

    Survivors of pediatric brain or spinal cord tumors can have cognitive and physical impairments. Researchers say that these deficits can be minimized with the right interventions.

    by Cheryl Platzman Weinstock

  • Being Candid About Cancer

    As a father with an aggressive brain cancer, I've opted against elaborate metaphors and in favor of candid speech when talking about cancer with my children.

    by Adam Hayden

  • Forward Look

    From Cold Virus to Cancer Fighter

    Neurosurgeon Frederick F. Lang discusses virus-powered cancer treatments.

    by Sue Rochman

  • Brain Cancer Patients Make Connections

    An app developed for glioblastoma patients allows them to track their symptoms and contribute to research.

    by Brad Jones

  • Targeting Brain Cancer

    Researchers are trying to understand brain cancer at the molecular level. Their goal is to find new, more effective therapies for this hard-to-treat disease.

    by Stephen Ornes

  • Integrative Strategies for Facing Cancer

    Brain tumor survivor uses her experiences to help others.

    by Jeannine Walston

  • Forward Look

    Getting to the Root of Brain Cancer

    Q&A with neurosurgeon Peter Dirks on stem cells and brain cancer.

    by Chris Palmer

  • Yesterday & Today

    A Kind and Decent Man

    Whether playing Franklin D. Roosevelt or Richard Gilmore, the wealthy scion in 'Gilmore Girls,' Edward Herrmann took on gentlemanly roles that mirrored his real-life persona. He died of brain cancer in 2014.

    by Marilyn Fenichel

  • Survivor Profile

    A Desire to Help

    Since P.J. Lukac's glioblastoma diagnosis, the young pediatrician has worked hard to spread awareness and understanding of the disease.

    by Stephen Ornes