• Focusing on the Fundamentals

    National Cancer Institute director Norman “Ned” Sharpless meets with advocates and outlines areas of focus for the agency.

    by Marci A. Landsmann

  • Supporting Survivors

    Panel of experts discuss survivorship challenges and potential areas for study.

    by Marci A. Landsmann

  • A New Type of Drug Approval

    At the AACR Annual Meeting, researchers and regulators discuss what it means to tie approval of an immunotherapy to tumors' molecular characteristics, not to their tissues of origin.

    by Kate Yandell

  • Cancer Researchers Offer Reasons for Optimism

    Cancer researchers and patient advocates spoke about progress against cancer at a public education forum sponsored by the American Association for Cancer Research.

    by Kevin McLaughlin

  • The Evolving Role of Patient Advocacy

    AACR’s Scientist↔Survivor Program marks a milestone as patient advocates continue to shape research and policy.

    by Marci A. Landsmann

  • An Advocate’s Guide to Attending Scientific Meetings

    Two graduates of the AACR Scientist↔Survivor Program share tips for getting the most out of large scientific conferences.

    by Bob Riter and Carole Baas

  • Policy Matters

    Forcing Big Tobacco to Tell the Truth

    A judge orders tobacco companies to come clean about the dangers of their products after decades of deception.

    by Roy S. Herbst, MD, PhD

  • Forward Look

    Tobacco Ads Admit Cigarettes Cause Cancer

    CBS, ABC and NBC are airing advertisements that acknowledge the link between cigarettes and cancer.

    by Sue Rochman

  • Survivor Profile

    Family Matters

    After Shigeo Tsuruoka was diagnosed with stomach cancer, his family came together to help him. His daughter, Aki Smith, was by his side as he navigated treatment and recovery. Now she offers guidance to other stomach cancer patients and caregivers.

    by Kate Yandell

  • Get Involved

    Cancer Patients Get a Lift

    Couple starts foundation to provide transportation to kids with cancer and their families.

    by Lindsey Konkel