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    How can I prevent hair loss from chemotherapy?

    An expert shares options for cancer patients who want to prevent hair loss during treatment.

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    What options do caregivers have for taking time away from work?

    An expert shares tips for taking time off from a job to spend time caring for a loved one.

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    What should I tell new doctors about my cancer history?

    Now that my cancer treatment is complete, what do I need to tell any new providers I see about my medical history? STACIE CORCORAN: Having a primary care physician or internist is incredibly important when you are a cancer survivor. Your oncologist will continue to be involved in your care, but you now will see […]

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    How do I talk to my caregivers about maintaining autonomy?

    My caregivers do everything for me, even some simple tasks. How do I take back some autonomy without hurting their feelings? ALYSON ERARDY: You can and should have open and ongoing conversations with your loved ones who are acting as your caregivers. These conversations will allow you to share which needs you can manage on your […]

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    How do I reduce the risk of infection during chemotherapy?

    My partner is undergoing chemotherapy. What can I do to reduce her risk of infection while she is immunocompromised? JIM BOONYARATANAKORNKIT: Cancer and cancer treatments, such as chemotherapy, can impair immune function, which can make people more susceptible to getting viruses or other infections. There is a spectrum of risk. Not all chemotherapy drugs dampen […]

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    How Do I Set Boundaries for Visitors?

    My father has been struggling with people asking to visit him often. How do I set boundaries for visitors without making anyone feel bad? JANE DABNEY: The first thing to keep in mind is that people generally mean well. They don’t want to disrupt the life of the person with cancer or you as a […]

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    How Do I Deal With ‘Scanxiety’?

    I have an upcoming cancer screening, and it is bringing up old fears. What can I do to ease my anxiety in the days leading up to these appointments? LIDIA SCHAPIRA: The term “scanxiety” was coined in 2011. It stuck because it properly characterizes the feelings that are quite common in people getting any imaging […]

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    How Do I Get a Second Opinion?

    I’m interested in getting a second opinion on my cancer diagnosis. How do I get that started? ERIC BERNICKER: When you have a new diagnosis of cancer, you don’t always need to make instantaneous treatment decisions. This will depend on your diagnosis, of course, but in most cases, you’ll have time to get second opinions […]

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    How Can I Schedule Time for Caregiving?

    Patrice Heinz from the National Alliance for Caregiving offers advice for arranging your schedule to meet the needs of a loved one with cancer.

    by Patrice A. Heinz

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    How Do I Cope With the Deaths of Fellow Cancer Patients?

    Social work counselor Teresa Van Oort on how people with cancer can process emotions when peers die of the disease.

    by Teresa Van Oort