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    How Do I Cope With the Deaths of Fellow Cancer Patients?

    Social work counselor Teresa Van Oort on how people with cancer can process emotions when peers die of the disease.

    by Teresa Van Oort

  • Sound Advice

    How Do I Ask for Work Accommodations?

    Triage Cancer CEO Joanna Morales shares tips on asking for workplace accommodations during cancer treatment.

    by Joanna Morales

  • Sound Advice

    Winter 2021/2022

    vol 11 | issue 04
    Changing jobs and insurance during treatment, speaking to kids about family cancer risk and pursuing professional caregiving.

  • Sound Advice

    Summer 2021

    vol 11 | issue 02
    Ensuring that doctors respect your cultural background, addressing anxiety caused by the pandemic, and discussing end-of-life plans.

  • Sound Advice

    Spring 2021

    vol 11 | issue 01
    Maintaining relationships through cancer, feeling unappreciated as a caregiver, and finding information that's relevant to young people with cancer.

  • Sound Advice

    Winter 2020/2021

    vol 10 | issue 04
    Experts answer questions about limiting exposure to the coronavirus, how to talk about a cancer recurrence with loved ones, and strategies for dealing with a loss of health insurance.

  • Sound Advice

    Fall 2020

    vol 10 | issue 03
    Experts offer advice on making caregiving work, the challenges of telemedicine, and absent friends.

  • Sound Advice

    Summer 2020

    vol 10 | issue 02
    Weight gain during treatment, conversations about sex, and what to know about a loved one's insurance.

  • Sound Advice

    Spring 2020

    vol 10 | issue 01
    Experts offer advice on getting involved with patient advocacy, expressing feelings to loved ones, and hospice care.

  • Sound Advice

    Winter 2019/2020

    vol 09 | issue 04
    Experts offer advice on parenting a child who has had cancer, what to look for in a primary care provider, and peripheral neuropathy.