• “Congrats! You Have the ‘Good’ Cancer”

    Many people know thyroid cancer as a cancer type with a relatively good prognosis, but the disease still has profound effects on patients and survivors, writes thyroid cancer survivor Carly Flumer.

    by Carly Flumer

  • Advocacy Spotlight: A Mission to Bring Awareness

    Minister and thyroid cancer survivor Thurselle C. Williams speaks at conferences and events about cancer awareness and, ultimately, healing following her 2016 diagnosis.

    by Erin L. Boyle

  • Forward Look

    Thyroid Tumor Gets New Name

    Panel reclassifies a type of thyroid tumor, says it's not cancer.

    by Yasmine Iqbal

  • Survivor Profile

    Stop the Silence

    Cancer survivor Cherry Sloan-Medrano works to encourage a conversation about cancer among Asians in the U.S.

    by Jenny Song

  • Deciphering New Rates of Thyroid Cancer

    Experts are divided on whether the increase is due to more cancer or more diagnoses.

    by Melissa Weber

  • Q&A

    Facing the Critics

    Roger Ebert finds peace with his appearance following disfiguring cancer surgery.

    by Ronni Gordon


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