CANCER TODAY has launched a new website that makes it easier for readers to find late-breaking news about cancer research, new cancer therapies, prevention strategies and clinical trials. Cancer Today, published quarterly by the ​American Association for Cancer Research (AACR), is the nation’s leading magazine for cancer patients, survivors and caregivers.

Kate Yandell, formerly the associate editor, has been selected as Cancer Today’s digital editor, responsible for providing frequent website updates and exclusives. Yandell has been at Cancer Today since 2016 and, before that, was a freelance science journalist.

“With a new website and a dedicated digital editor like Kate who will constantly refresh the content with the latest cancer-related news, we expect to become a destination site for anyone who wants to learn more about cancer,” said Kevin McLaughlin, executive editor. “The website will allow us to cover late-breaking news like drug approvals more quickly and offer a platform for more content than is possible in a quarterly magazine. will deliver ​insightful, practical articles that our readers have come to expect from the magazine,” McLaughlin said, “and extend our mission to serve cancer patients, survivors and caregivers.”

The Cancer Today website continues to offer the same in-depth analysis of cancer issues, such as off-label prescribing and survivorship concerns, as the printed edition, as well as original stories and videos. The website also provides a filter that readers can use to find what’s relevant to them—advice on their cancer, the latest research updates or inspiration from profiles of cancer survivors and advocates. The site also features Cancer Talk, a blog that lets readers interact with the magazine’s editors and contributors.

The website’s design, created by AAJ Design of Philadelphia, is a bold departure from the previous site and makes frequent use of the AACR’s signature green color to better integrate it with the association’s website ( and the AACR Foundation website ( The Cancer Today website was developed by Edgimo, a Boulder, Colorado-based digital strategies firm.

“A new and improved Cancer Today website will bolster the AACR’s visibility among the general public,” said Rick Buck, senior director of AACR Communications and Public Relations. “The AACR is the first and largest professional organization in the world dedicated to the prevention and cure of all cancers, and we’ve made a commitment to raise public awareness of the truly breathtaking ​progress being made to save lives from cancer. The new Cancer Today website will play a major role in meeting that commitment.”

McLaughlin credited the Cancer Today​ staff for their dedication and hard work in completing the website and thanked Margaret Foti, PhD, MD (hc), AACR’s chief executive officer, and Buck for their steadfast support.

“Developing a website requires a team effort, and the support we’ve received internally and from our external vendors has made the new website possible,” McLaughlin said. “We’re so excited to unveil the new website, and we look forward to continuing to serve the cancer community with timely and accurate news and information about cancer in print and online.”