• Sound Advice

    Spring 2021

    vol 11 | issue 1
    Maintaining relationships through cancer, feeling unappreciated as a caregiver, and finding information that's relevant to young people with cancer.

  • Sound Advice

    Winter 2020/2021

    vol 10 | issue 4
    Experts answer questions about limiting exposure to the coronavirus, how to talk about a cancer recurrence with loved ones, and strategies for dealing with a loss of health insurance.

  • Sound Advice

    Fall 2020

    vol 10 | issue 3
    Experts offer advice on making caregiving work, the challenges of telemedicine, and absent friends.

  • Sound Advice

    Summer 2020

    vol 10 | issue 2
    Weight gain during treatment, conversations about sex, and what to know about a loved one’s insurance.

  • Sound Advice

    Spring 2020

    vol 10 | issue 1
    Experts offer advice on getting involved with patient advocacy, expressing feelings to loved ones, and hospice care.

  • Sound Advice

    Winter 2019/2020

    vol 9 | issue 4
    Experts offer advice on parenting a child who has had cancer, what to look for in a primary care provider, and peripheral neuropathy.

  • Sound Advice

    Fall 2019

    vol 9 | issue 3
    Experts offer advice on feeling confident as a caregiver, adjusting to changes to day-to-day-life, and making the best use of limited energy.

  • Sound Advice

    Summer 2019

    vol 9 | issue 2
    Experts offer advice on seeking a therapist, sleeping with pain, and caregiving responsibilities.

  • Sound Advice

    Spring 2019

    vol 9 | issue 1
    Experts offer advice on celebrating a “cancerversary,” responding to questions from friends and family, and supporting a friend when they stop treatment.

  • Sound Advice

    Winter 2018/2019

    vol 8 | issue 4
    Experts offer advice on accompanying a friend to a doctor’s appointment, responding to a no evidence of disease diagnosis, and sharing the results of genetic testing.


From the AACR

  • Diet and Cancer

    The Opening Plenary session of the virtual AACR Annual Meeting reviewed some of the mechanisms behind diet’s role in cancer.

  • A Ban on Menthol Cigarettes

    The Food and Drug Administration announced it would pursue a ban on menthol combustible cigarettes and flavored cigars.

  • Powering Disparities Research

    By collecting data from institutions around the world, Project GENIE enables research into rare disease types and patient populations.



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