Support for You


  • An Evidence-Based Guide to Integrative Medicine

    ASCO and the Society for Integrative Oncology issue recommendations for integrative medicine approaches that have been supported with research.

    by Teresa Bergen

  • Your Cancer Guide

    Finding Light in Winter’s Darkness

    Colder temperatures, gray skies and shorter days can dampen the spirits, which can heighten sadness associated with cancer treatment.

    by Hester Hill Schnipper

  • Healthy Habits

    Protect the ‘Gateway to the Body’

    Good dental hygiene defends against myriad cancers.

    by Tyler Santora

  • Sound Advice

    What are healthy ways to deal with cancer-related anxiety?

    Tools and techniques for people to cope with fears about cancer returning.

  • Finding Your Niche

    Support groups offer community for people with cancer in a world that doesn’t understand their experience.

    by Carly Flumer

  • Thinking Outside the Clinic

    Researchers highlight need for outreach and educational programs to address survivorship disparities.

    by Thomas Celona

  • Sound Advice

    How do I reduce the risk of infection during chemotherapy?

    My partner is undergoing chemotherapy. What can I do to reduce her risk of infection while she is immunocompromised? JIM BOONYARATANAKORNKIT: Cancer and cancer treatments, such as chemotherapy, can impair immune function, which can make people more susceptible to getting viruses or other infections. There is a spectrum of risk. Not all chemotherapy drugs dampen […]

  • Healthy Habits

    Healing Aroma

    Lavender can help mitigate cancer side effects.

    by Jen Tota McGivney

  • Healthy Habits

    Sleep Well

    Cancer treatment makes getting a full night’s rest challenging, but good sleep habits can help.

    by Tyler Santora

  • Your Cancer Guide

    Thriving as a Survivor

    Learn to live well in the years after cancer treatment.

    by Hester Hill Schnipper