• Get Involved

    Baked Goodness

    Syreeta Harrison sells homemade cupcakes to fund care packages for people with cancer.

    by Thomas Celona

  • Building Bridges

    AACR Scientist↔Survivor Program celebrates 25 years of sparking conversations between cancer patients and researchers.

    by Thomas Celona

  • Get Involved

    Making Home a Haven

    Designing Dreams performs bedroom makeovers for children with cancer.

    by Thomas Celona

  • Policy Matters

    Early-career Cancer Researchers Return to Washington

    AACR Early-career Hill Day allows associate members to visit Capitol Hill and advocate for medical research funding.

    by Matt Gontarchick

  • Policy Matters

    Stemming the E-Cigarette Epidemic

    An updated AACR-ASCO joint statement recommends steps for policymakers to lower e-cigarette use among youth and young adults.

    by Roy S. Herbst, MD, PhD

  • Cervical Cancer: A Global Challenge

    Low- and middle-income countries make inroads against a preventable and treatable cancer.

    by Erin O’Donnell

  • Q&A

    The FDA’s Risk-Benefit Framework

    Using the withdrawal of Avastin’s approval for breast cancer as a case study, Mikkael A. Sekeres’ new book analyzes the U.S. drug approval process.

    by Marci A. Landsmann

  • Get Involved

    Healing Takes Flight

    Alicia and Esther Tambe honor their sister’s memory by providing travel experiences to Black women diagnosed with breast cancer.

    by Thomas Celona

  • A ‘Revolution’ in Cancer Research

    AACR patient advocate forum explores how new clinical trial designs are accelerating drug testing.

    by Thomas Celona

  • Making Informed Consent Accessible

    Confusing informed consent forms are a common barrier to clinical trial participation. Researchers ask how they can be better designed for patients.

    by Sandra Gordon