• Access to Health Insurance Key to Disparities in Cancer Outcomes

    As outcomes improved for cancer patients in states that expanded Medicaid, disparities in survival disappeared.

    by Jon Kelvey

  • Understanding Stress and Cancer

    A symposium at the AACR Annual Meeting explores how social factors contribute to elevated risk of cancer in some populations.

    by Eric Fitzsimmons

  • The Impact of the RACE for Children Act

    Legislation to speed cancer drug development for children and adolescents requires drug companies to test drugs in children, but trials in people under 18 may take years to generate results.

    by Marci A. Landsmann

  • Making Collaboration More Common for Rare Cancers

    An AACR Annual Meeting 2022 session highlights the impact of research advocacy partnerships for a variety of cancers.

    by Marci A. Landsmann

  • From the Editor-in-Chief

    COVID-19 and Cancer in 2022

    Is it the beginning of the end or the end of the beginning?

    by William G. Nelson, MD, PhD

  • Policy Matters

    Patient Advocacy Is Driving Change

    Patient advocates strengthen every aspect of research, from funding innovative science and informing research design, to leading efforts on Capitol Hill to build support for research.

    by Carrie Treadwell, MBA

  • Feature

    Medicaid: A Partial Safety Net

    Expansions in coverage and eligibility through the Affordable Care Act have made Medicaid a lifeline for many people with cancer, but benefits vary from state to state.

    by Sharon Tregaskis

  • Get Involved

    Playing the Hero

    With the SuperKids activity book, children with cancer cast themselves as the hero and learn important coping skills.

    by Eric Fitzsimmons

  • Your Cancer Guide

    Make the Most of Your Appointments

    Take time to prepare for and manage your doctor visits.

    by Hester Hill Schnipper

  • Need a Ride?

    Cancer center expands pilot program to provide transportation for patients to get to appointments.

    by Karen Blum


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