• Healthy Habits

    Embracing Resistance

    Cancer survivors may benefit from weight training.

    by Alanna Kennedy-Gorman

  • Navigating the Health Care Maze

    Health insurance expert Karen Pollitz breaks down the impact of the Affordable Care Act on cancer patients and survivors.

    by Sarah Webb

  • Sound Advice

    Summer 2014

    vol 04 | issue 02
    On handling finances during cancer, skin care during radiation therapy, and getting a good night's sleep.

  • Get Involved

    Planting Hope for Patients

    Cancer survivor starts organization to make sure cancer patients have thriving gardens.

    by Amanda Koehler

  • Healthy Habits

    Always a Good Time to Quit

    Smoking cessation is wise, even after a cancer diagnosis.

    by Brittany Moya del Pino

  • Your Cancer Guide

    Managing Anxiety

    Anxiety is a normal response to the challenges of cancer. A number of strategies can help you through it.

    by Hester Hill Schnipper

  • Caregiving With Confidence

    Solving Mealtime Stress

    Caregivers are vital to keep the cancer patient well-nourished.

    by Michelle Johnston-Fleece

  • Palliative Care Explained

    Palliative care can be offered to cancer patients at any point in their illness, beginning with the initial diagnosis. New research points to its effectiveness.

    by Melissa Weber

  • Sound Advice

    Spring 2014

    vol 04 | issue 01
    On understanding CT scans and cancer risk, juicing fruits and vegetables, and knowing what to expect if your loved one begins hospice care.

  • Forward Look

    Changing Perceptions of Palliative Care

    Q&A with Judith Redwing Keyssar on the importance of palliative care.

    by Yasmine Iqbal