• Healthy Habits

    Carb Connection

    Could consuming fewer simple carbohydrates lead to better cancer outcomes?

    by Lindsey Konkel

  • Healthy Habits

    Make Your Move

    Exercising during or after treatment can improve your health and outlook.

    by Brenda Conaway

  • Moving Ahead

    Cancer rehabilitation can help patients before and after treatment, but it’s still not widely used.

    by Cameron Walker

  • Sowing Seeds of Health

    A program helps cancer survivors start gardens as a way to increase their vegetable consumption and physical activity.

    by Ashley P. Taylor

  • Questioning an Entrenched Practice

    To defend against bacterial infections, cancer patients are often put on a neutropenic diet—which bars fresh fruits and vegetables, among other things. Research indicates that following this diet is unnecessary.

    by Brad Jones

  • Healthy Habits

    Fitness Boost

    Patients living with advanced cancer may find that exercise helps them build strength and maintain independence.

    by Jane C. Hu

  • Get Involved!

    A Running Start

    Cancer to 5K offers exercise training and support to cancer survivors at all fitness levels.

    by Brenda Conaway

  • Survivor Profile

    Putting Her Armor On

    An acute myeloid leukemia survivor and former TV news reporter finds a new reason to help others improve their health.

    by Jennifer Walker

  • Healthy Habits

    Movement for Health

    A community program helps cancer patients and survivors experience the benefits of physical activity.

    by Kate Yandell

  • Q&A

    Cooking Through Cancer

    Cancer survivor Ann Ogden Gaffney left her job in fashion to teach other cancer survivors how to cook.

    by Kate Yandell


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