• Drinking After a Diagnosis

    A study illuminates the alcohol consumption habits of cancer survivors.

    by Jen Tota McGivney

  • Food Insecurity and Cancer

    After discovering that some patients weren’t able to access the food they needed, a community oncology practice partnered with a local food bank.

    by Jen Tota McGivney

  • Healthy Habits

    Step to It

    Inexpensive fitness trackers offer an easy way to monitor physical activity.

    by Carisa D. Brewster

  • Healthy Habits

    Low-Effort Eats

    Eating well during cancer treatment doesn’t require a lot of work.

    by Ashley P. Taylor


    Investigating the Keto Diet’s Effects on Cancer

    Jocelyn Tan on what the studies show.

    by Sue Rochman

  • Encouraging Beneficial Gut Microbes

    Nutritional epidemiologist Carrie Daniel-MacDougall discusses research suggesting that what patients eat affects their gut microbes—and could influence cancer immunotherapy response.

    by Anna Azvolinsky

  • Healthy Habits

    Nutritional Value

    Nutrients supplied by food may have advantages over nutritional supplements.

    by Cameron Walker

  • What to Do About Lymphedema?

    In a randomized study, weight loss and home-based exercise did not improve lymphedema symptoms in breast cancer survivors.

    by Anna Azvolinsky

  • Walking Back From Cancer

    An American expat in Norway describes how a favorite walking trail aided him during treatment and recovery.

    by Steven Ford

  • Healthy Habits

    Where There’s Smoke

    What to know before firing up the grill during barbecue season.

    by Bradley Jones


From the AACR

  • Preventing Cervical Cancer

    Cervical cancer now accounts for less than 1% of cancer-related deaths among women in the United States.

  • New FDA Approvals

    The first new anti-cancer therapeutics approved in 2020 are for the treatment of two different types of soft tissue sarcoma.

  • Imaging and Immunotherapy

    Imaging a patient’s cancer—and the responses generated by the immune system—can provide information that may guide treatment decisions.



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