• Improving Your Diet One Plate at a Time

    The New American Plate suggests gradual changes to build healthier eating habits.

    by Jon Kelvey

  • Risk in the Air

    Air pollution can increase a person’s risk of developing cancer, a burden that isn’t shared equally in every neighborhood.

    by Jon Kelvey

  • Rethinking Clinical Trials

    Could changes spurred by safety concerns during the pandemic make clinical trials more accessible to patients?

    by Charlotte Huff

  • Forward Look

    New Treatment Approved for Lung Cancer

    KRAS mutations were once thought to be resistant to drug therapy.

    by Carisa Brewster

  • Forward Look

    Predicting Colorectal Cancer Recurrence

    Liquid biopsy tests can find tiny amounts of disease that remain after surgery and chemotherapy.

    by Kris Conner

  • Forward Look

    What’s Next?

    Oncolytic viruses to treat pediatric glioma.

    by Natalie Slivinski

  • Forward Look

    Cancer Misinformation

    Bad advice shared online can have a negative effect, even if it’s not followed.

    by Erin O'Donnell

  • Forward Look

    Putting Data to Work

    Researchers create breast cancer prediction models tailored for Asian Americans.

    by Bradley Jones

  • Forward Look

    Spotlight on Small Cell Lung Cancer

    Treatments for small cell lung cancer have remained virtually the same for decades. Now, experts say that hope is on the horizon.

    by Isobel Whitcomb

  • Healthy Habits

    An Alternative to Meat

    Are new plant-based meat alternatives a better way to satisfy burger cravings?

    by Erin O’Donnell


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