• An Emerging Treatment for Metastatic Prostate Cancer

    A drug that delivers radioactive particles to prostate cancer cells increases overall survival for metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer.

    by Pamela Rafalow Grossman

  • Drug Delays Recurrence in People With Early-Stage Breast Cancer

    People who have inherited BRCA mutations and are at high risk for cancer recurrence may benefit from a PARP inhibitor.

    by Pamela Rafalow Grossman

  • Remote Care

    After adapting remote patient monitoring programs to cancer patients with COVID-19, cancer centers delve deeper into the programs’ value for cancer patients undergoing treatment.

    by Jon Kelvey

  • Moving Away From the Maximum Tolerated Dose

    The FDA recently expressed a new commitment to testing cancer drugs at lower doses, rather than defaulting to the highest dose most people can tolerate.

    by Marcus A. Banks

  • From the Editor-in-Chief

    The Tumor Microenvironment

    Research is leading to treatments that target cancer’s support system.

    by William G. Nelson, MD, PhD 

  • Forward Look

    First CAR-T Cell Therapy Approved for Multiple Myeloma

    Cellular immunotherapies can offer periods when people do not require treatment.

    by Christina Bennett

  • Forward Look

    Going Flat

    Most people who opt out of breast reconstruction are satisfied with their decision but are not always supported by their surgeons.

    by Kris Conner

  • Forward Look

    The Impact of HPV Vaccination

    Over a decade after human papillomavirus vaccines first became available in the U.S., their effect on cervical cancer incidence is becoming apparent.

    by Carisa D. Brewster

  • Forward Look

    What’s Next?

    Using fecal transplants to improve immunotherapy response

    by Natalie Slivinski

  • Are You a Candidate for Immunotherapy?

    Tumor testing can help determine whether certain cancers are likely to respond to immunotherapy drugs.

    by Kendall K. Morgan


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