• Q&A

    Show Me You Care

    Theresa Brown, who was a nurse when she was diagnosed with breast cancer, writes about deep gaps in her own care.

    by Marci A. Landsmann

  • Healthy Habits

    Signs of Skin Cancer

    Regularly checking your skin is crucial to catching skin cancer early.

    by Tara Santoro

  • Comorbidity: Treating the Whole Patient

    Patients with cancer often have at least one other chronic disease. Researchers hope to shine a light on how conditions and treatments interact in patients with chronic lymphocytic leukemia and other cancer types.

    by Eric Fitzsimmons

  • Survivor Profile

    Control What You Can

    Business leader CiCi Rojas takes life lessons from lymphoma.

    by Lindsey Konkel Neabore

  • Forward Look

    FDA Designates Two Cigarettes as Modified Risk Tobacco Products

    Critics warn that lower nicotine content in the cigarettes may not translate into better odds of quitting.

    by Carisa Brewster

  • Facts and Stats

    Driving Down Lung Cancer Deaths

    Screenings, treatment advances and declines in smoking have led to a decrease in lung cancer death rates.

    by Eric Fitzsimmons

  • Forward Look

    Crowdsourcing Support

    After struggling to understand her treatment options for multiple myeloma, Jenny Ahlstrom started a virtual platform for patients to gather information about blood cancers.

    by Allison Futterman

  • Forward Look

    Breast Cancer and Heart Health

    Women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer are at greater risk for developing high blood pressure and diabetes, common risk factors for heart disease.

    by Kendall K. Morgan

  • Disparities in Cervical Cancer

    Many women are being diagnosed with cervical cancer, despite the availability of tools to prevent and diagnose the disease. Black and Hispanic women and low-income and rural populations are especially vulnerable.

    by Natalie Slivinski

  • Access to Health Insurance Key to Disparities in Cancer Outcomes

    As outcomes improved for cancer patients in states that expanded Medicaid, disparities in survival disappeared.

    by Jon Kelvey