• Walking Back from Cancer

    An American expat in Norway describes how a favorite walking trail aided him during treatment and recovery.

    by Steven Ford

  • The Right Dose

    Researchers want to find out when cancer patients can benefit from receiving lower doses of drugs or radiation, shortening treatment or skipping certain treatments altogether.

    by Kate Yandell

  • Focusing on Proton Therapy

    Proton therapy, an alternative to standard radiation therapy, is safe and effective. But evidence is lacking that it’s always a better option than standard radiation, and some insurers balk at the higher price tag.

    by Sue Rochman


    Honesty: The Best Policy?

    Keeping your cancer diagnosis a secret can sometimes be a better option.

    by Hester Hill Schnipper


    Caregiving and Work

    Gather information, know your rights and be ready to adjust.

    by Diane Cameron

  • Get Involved

    Patient Navigators

    Patient navigators can help cancer patients tackle the trickier points of accessing health care.

    by Carisa D. Brewster

  • Sound Advice

    Your Questions, Our Answers

    Experts offer advice on seeking a therapist, sleeping with pain, and caregiving responsibilities.

  • Q&A

    Breaking the Ice

    Social activist and breast cancer survivor Letty Cottin Pogrebin shares tips on supporting friends and family members through cancer diagnosis and treatment.

    by Marci A. Landsmann

  • Healthy Habits

    Where There’s Smoke

    What to know before firing up the grill during barbecue season.

    by Bradley Jones

  • Healthy Habits

    Overlooking Obesity

    Public awareness of the link between obesity and cancer risk is poor.

    by Jane C. Hu


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