• Survivor Profile

    Educator and Advocate

    Former teacher Peggy Zuckerman helps others by sharing her experiences with stage IV kidney cancer.

    by Kristin Baird Rattini

  • Q&A

    Cancer’s Public Persona

    Elaine Schattner explores how public discourse has shaped our perception of cancer.

    by Marci A Landsmann

  • Facts and Stats

    Know the Lingo

    Medical paperwork can be full of confusing jargon. Use these definitions to better understand the terms found in your pathology report.

    by Thomas Celona

  • Q&A

    Tangled Family Ties

    Susan Keller’s best hope at keeping cancer at bay meant tracking down a brother who didn’t want to be found.

    by Marci A. Landsmann

  • Survivor Profile

    The Power of Persistence

    Albert Khoury’s determination to explore all treatment options for his rare lung cancer led to a lifesaving transplant surgery.

    by Thomas Celona

  • A Personal Journey of Thyroid Cancer Treatment

    The practical side of cancer treatment and life without a thyroid.

    by Carly Flumer

  • Survivor Profile

    Rising to the Challenge

    James R. Scott uses his experiences with bladder cancer to be a light for others.

    by Lindsey Konkel Neabore

  • My Name is Mom. And I Have Cancer.

    Author Tara Rolle shares the challenge of staying fully present as a parent during cancer treatment and in the years that followed.

    by Tara Rolle

  • Finding Your Niche

    Support groups offer community for people with cancer in a world that doesn’t understand their experience.

    by Carly Flumer

  • Making Informed Consent Accessible

    Confusing informed consent forms are a common barrier to clinical trial participation. Researchers ask how they can be better designed for patients.

    by Sandra Gordon