Cancer Types


  • Living With Chronic Blood Cancer

    Thanks to medical advances, more people with blood cancer are living for years or even decades after their diagnosis. But when these diseases are incurable, patients must learn to adjust to ongoing monitoring and treatment.

    by Kendall K. Morgan

  • Forward Look

    Bispecific Antibodies to Treat Cancer

    Hematologist-oncologist Saad Usmani talks about recent approvals for bispecific antibodies to treat multiple myeloma and other blood cancers.

    by Ashley P. Taylor

  • Taking Stock of CAR T-Cell Therapy

    Five years after the FDA approved the first CAR T-cell therapy, use of the treatment has expanded to many patients with blood cancer.

    by Kendall K. Morgan

  • The View From a CAR T-Cell Clinical Trial

    After exhausting her treatment options, Ellen Reich got CAR T-cell treatment for multiple myeloma through a clinical trial.

    by Pamela Rafalow Grossman

  • Forward Look

    Crowdsourcing Support

    After struggling to understand her treatment options for multiple myeloma, Jenny Ahlstrom started a virtual platform for patients to gather information about blood cancers.

    by Allison Futterman

  • Forward Look

    First CAR-T Cell Therapy Approved for Multiple Myeloma

    Cellular immunotherapies can offer periods when people do not require treatment.

    by Christina Bennett

  • More Data on COVID-19 Vaccination and Cancer

    Studies indicate that many people with cancer have an antibody response to the vaccines, but this response may be reduced or absent in certain patients.

    by Anna Goshua

  • Searching the Blood for Signs of Altered Immunity

    The immune systems of people with blood cancer respond differently to infection with the coronavirus than the immune systems of people without cancer or with solid tumors.

    by Kate Yandell

  • Multiple Myeloma: Choosing Your Path

    New therapies provide hope and options for people as they monitor and manage this incurable blood cancer.

    by Tara Haelle

  • Learning Medicare’s ABCDs

    Medicare was established to help provide affordable health care coverage for older Americans. But Medicare beneficiaries with cancer can still face financial burdens related to their care.

    by Kate Yandell