• Being Candid About Cancer

    As a father with an aggressive brain cancer, I’ve opted against elaborate metaphors and in favor of candid speech when talking about cancer with my children.

    by Adam Hayden

  • The Long-Term Effects of Cancer

    Adolescent and young adult cancer survivors need to be monitored for delayed treatment side effects, including problems affecting the endocrine system, researchers say.

    by Cheryl Platzman Weinstock

  • Some Pancreatic Cancers Are Hereditary

    A trio of recent studies indicates that pancreatic cancer is, in some cases, linked to mutations passed down from generation to generation.

    by Cheryl Platzman Weinstock

  • Predicting Acute Myeloid Leukemia

    Two studies identify genetic mutations that could predict the risk of an aggressive blood cancer up to a decade before it is diagnosed.

    by Anna Azvolinsky

  • Exploring When Breath Becomes Air

    Join our Facebook group to talk about themes in the poignant memoir by Paul Kalanithi.

    by Marci A. Landsmann

  • Survivor Profile

    A Long Road Back

    Multiple myeloma survivor Gary Lambert deploys inventiveness and fortitude to deal with cancer.

    by Lindsey Konkel

  • Healthy Habits

    Body Image and Breast Cancer

    Concerns about physical appearance can be a major obstacle during cancer recovery.

    by Cameron Walker

  • Forward Look

    From Cold Virus to Cancer Fighter

    Neurosurgeon Frederick F. Lang discusses virus-powered cancer treatments.

    by Sue Rochman

  • Forward Look

    Lung Cancer Biology Differs by Race, Study Shows

    Research findings could help improve personalized treatments for lung cancer patients.

    by Stephen Ornes

  • Forward Look

    Endometrial Cancer Rates Rising in Many Countries

    Study findings suggest opportunities for preventing endometrial cancer.

    by Deborah Abrams Kaplan


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