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  • August 17: The Week in Cancer News  

    August 17: The Week in Cancer News

    Researchers suggest reclassification of low-risk cancers, and an immunotherapy drug is approved for small cell lung cancer.

    by Kate Yandell
  • August 10: The Week in Cancer News  

    August 10: The Week in Cancer News

    Organizations work to broaden eligibility for cancer clinical trials, and an article explores the limitations of personalized mouse models.

    by Kate Yandell
  • Being Candid About Cancer  

    Being Candid About Cancer

    As a father with an aggressive brain cancer, I’ve opted against elaborate metaphors and in favor of candid speech when talking about cancer with my children.

    by Adam Hayden
  • Sowing Seeds of Health  

    Sowing Seeds of Health

    A program helps cancer survivors start gardens as a way to increase their vegetable consumption and physical activity.

    by Ashley P. Taylor

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