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Forward Look

Cool Tools For Patients, Survivors and Friends

Trying to quit? Take a look at the SmartQuit app, which uses a program developed and tested at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle. You can use the free app to help you understand your urge to smoke and create a quit plan. The app’s additional features are available for purchase. Some employers, states or health care plans offer the additional features at no cost.

Get help managing breast, prostate or colon cancer from My Cancer Coach, an app developed by Genomic Health along with, Men’s Health Network and Fight Colorectal Cancer. The iPhone app makes it easy to record questions to ask your doctor, find information about your treatments and track your side effects.

Monitor your alcohol use with DrinkControl, an app that lets you record the number of drinks you’ve had, calories you’ve consumed and money you’ve spent on alcohol. Studies show limiting alcohol use can reduce your risk for breast, colorectal and liver cancer. DrinkControl alerts you when you’ve surpassed recommended limits. 


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