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Forward Look

Cool Tools For Patients, Survivors and Friends

Reach your goal weight with help from the online Body Weight Planner developed by the National Institutes of Health. Plug in your gender, age, height, current weight and activity level, and set your goals. The planner takes it from there, showing you how many calories a day you should eat to get to your ideal weight.

Use your personal experience to help researchers learn more about breast cancer survivorship with the study app Breast Cancer: Share the Journey. As you keep track of your symptoms, mood, activity level and sleep patterns, you will be sharing information with researchers who will use the data they collect to help breast cancer survivors improve their quality of life.

Catch retinoblastoma, a rare eye cancer that primarily affects children, early with the White Eye Detector​ app. Parents can use the app to scan photos of their child’s eyes for leukocoria, or “white pupil,” a symptom of eye cancer and other health problems.


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