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Forward Look

Cool Tools

​Courtesy of the Noun Project
Jog your memory electronically with Chemo Brain Doc Notes, a free app that helps you keep track of questions you have for your doctor, record your visits with health care providers, create prescription reminders and document symptoms and side effects.
Help friends help you with StandWith, a free app that makes it easy for patients and caregivers to let family and friends know how they can lend a hand. The app lets you list tasks that need to get done, reminds people what they’ve signed up to do, and makes it easy to send text, picture, video and audio updates to your support community.
Join a research effort started by scientists at Stanford University in Palo Alto, California, to study cancer and other diseases by downloading Folding@home. The software program allows the scientists to use your idle computer power to study how proteins get ready to work, or “fold,” and how and why misfolding occurs. Results of the study could help lead to new cancer treatments.


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